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What is Frozen Custard?

Frozen Custard is often a misunderstood product. It is actually a gourmet ice cream treat which first originated on Coney Island, NY as a carnival treat in 1919.


Frozen custard is so much smoother and richer tasting than ice cream due to the result of egg yolks being added to the ingredients, and a time-tested process that closely replicates the old fashioned hand churning method. Scoops' special machine forces the air out of the product, which minimizes ice crystals and creates a more dense texture.

This entire process prevents the product from melting too quickly and allows it to be served at a higher temperature than ice cream. And just as with homemade ice cream, frozen custard is best when eaten fresh. Thats why Seven Scoops Frozen Custard is made fresh throughout the day!


Cold Facts

- Richer & creamier than ice cream

- Served at a warmer temperature than ice cream

- Contains about 60% less air than ice cream, which makes it thicker & denser

- Main ingredient it contains that ice cream does not are egg yolks


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