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Seven Scoops was founded by Sean, a Lakeland High School graduate and one of seven children. In 2017, with the help of the whole family, he opened Seven Scoops after realizing the town was lacking a community-based, high-quality dessert shop. So come and explore our busy shop today & discover the true meaning of delicious.


Since opening our doors, we has become an integral part of the local community. We strive to help our neighbors in any way we can. We have worked with local elementary schools, Girl Scouts, summer camps, & charities, like Relay For Life. And we will continue to help in every way we can!

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Frozen custard is actually a gourmet ice cream treat, first originating on Coney Island in 1919. It is much smoother & richer tasting than ice cream, thanks to the added egg yolks, and a careful process that closely replicates the old fashioned hand churning method. Our special machine forces the air out of the product, which minimizes ice crystals and creates a more dense texture.

This entire process prevents the product from melting too quickly and allows it to be served at a higher temperature than ice cream. And just like homemade ice cream, frozen custard is best when eaten fresh.


Thats why Seven Scoops Frozen Custard is made fresh every day!

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for bulk orders or questions.

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